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do you ever just get those messages you literally don’t know how to reply to without insulting people

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Anonymous asked:

are you nervous about going to school so far from home next year?

don't mess with texas answered:

Not at all! I’ve always been very independent.

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Anonymous asked:

who are your style icons?

don't mess with texas answered:

Currently- Blake Lively, Sydney from Summer Wind, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Julia from Gal Meets Glam, and the whole Town and Country August 2014 issue.

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"Ain’t feeling this shit no more"

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Anonymous asked:

plans for the rest of summer?

don't mess with texas answered:

I leave for paris august 1st, and then I have one week planned out with my friends from all over to say goodbye, and then we move, and then I’m going to NYC for my birthday(!!!), and then school!! I’ve had a great summer!

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Anonymous asked:

Most of the colleges you listed are really hard to get into. You must be really smart!

don't mess with texas answered:

I work really hard to make the grades I make! Trust me, school is not super easy for me!

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